Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amazing story: 25000$ for 30 minutes of work

I Remember in the childhood there was such entertainment - to assort a wooden linen clothespin, to cut a knife a flute on external parts, to put their external parts inside, in the artful way to put there a spring and to roll up all this by fibers. Such pistol shooting matches turned out. And do you remember air-guns? And how about self-made arbalets? And machine tools for weaving chains?

And so what about I'm talking? That all those self-made toys were much more hi-tech than those one which I last night has dug out among other information dust. Could you sometime believe in fact that it is possible to receive 200 dollars for such video? I wasn't.

Now we are going to top and looking, what video has cut down 250K and what hardly is less. So it is enough to remove video, on similarity of that pistol, to write the description, to mark tags (as many as possible - look what the spam-dust are niar th e pistol-video), than we put it into the blog, go to and and after 20 000 viewings we receive a cache.

Certainly all of us aren't Kopperfields, but I shall not believe that you do not have friends getting up something unusual that is not worse that pistol's video. I and itself can turn off by only one effort of will a bottle of the beer, but yet i have not learned how to pour its contents to myself in a stomach, and differently it wouldn't be interesting for anyone.

Moreover, it is possible digg in bowels of the local network and to lay out some movie from a paty. All these one-cent movies have done a heap of noise on the Internet. Greater money are done easily. People have tired to strain the brains, reading the text from the monitor, use video!

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